link to album-in-progress U__n__s__c__h__e__d__u__l__e__d____R__e__t__u__r__n link to album-in-progress

split single with 5-Track T__e__x__a__s____T__e__a split single with 5-Track

zip T__h__e____E__v__e__r__g__r__e__e__n____Y__e__a__r__s zip

link to 'Cosmic Primitive' N__e__o__n____G__r__e__y link to 'Cosmic Primitive'
(debut guitar-and-voice album (2011))

mp3 J__u__l__i__u__s__'____R__o__o__m mp3

mp3 I__d__l__e____H__a__n__d__s____T__h__e__m__e mp3

mp3 W__a__y__n__e__'__s____J__o__h__n__s__o__n mp3

mp3 W__h__a__t__'__s____G__o__t____I__n__t__o____Y__o__u mp3

zip B__i__c__u__s__p__i__d____2__0__0__7 zip
(loop-based all-improv duo with Denali Williams)

all material Copyright 2010 Andrew Woods except for:
"Metar", "AdTrans", and "AdSeq", from "The Evergreen Years" zip, Copyright 2010 Adrian Woods
"Julius' Room" (with lyrics by Julius Bakke) Copyright 2010 Andrew Woods and Julius Bakke
"Idle Hands Theme" (with lyrics by Dylan Sisson) Copyright 2010 Andrew Woods and Dylan Sisson
"What's Got Into You" and "Under the Tent" Copyright 2010 Woodland 5-Track
"Bicuspid 2007" Copyright 2010 Bicuspid (Denali Williams and Andrew Woods)
All directly-linked tracks and zipped tracks distributed here for free under a Creative Commons 3.0 license
'Neon Grey' is distributed in the usual manner by Cosmic Primitive Records
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